iKew – In Today’s Post: “Time is Up Mr. Brumby !”

iKew – “Time is Up Mr. Brumby!”

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Time is Up Mr. Brumby !

Dear Mr Brumby,

Below is my letter submitted to the Age with regard to total lack of goodwill for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. You have decimated Kew Cottages instead of turning it into a safe haven with cluster housing for the folk that cannot and /or are  struggling to fend for themselves. Between this government and the Walker Corporation you have taken away the chance to assist not only people in Melbourne but those living in Victoria for respite care and assistance and badly needed accommodation.

When are you going to start owning up to this and making amends for your inadequate and I believe corrupt policies?

Now is the time for the Brumby government to reverse their empty promises and lack of positive action and provide accommodation for those with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Community Residential Units are not the total solution. Cluster housing is urgently required with adequate funds to staff them. 

Mr Brumby needs to explain why it has cost around $25million to rehouse the folk moved  from Kew Cottages and how the government lost $17 million on building and selling the homes on the site in conjunction with the Walker corporation. 

And where is the $300 million promised by the Bracks government from the sale of the cottages site that was to go into disability?”

Time is up Mr Brumby

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Bentley
Rosebud South 
Victoria 3939


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