Richo and Wran



“..By far the largest contributors to Labor’s campaign that year were the big development companies. Many sent their cheques personally through Wran for the campaign coffers, although Richardson would soon form his own relationship with most of the brash aggressive businessmen. Developers, more than any other businessmen, need the support of a sympathetic state government. Everything from environmental regulations and planning laws to local resident opposition conspire against the developers’ plans and their profits. When Wran was first elected in 1976, he soon realised that the government needed the developers – and not just for campaign contributions. New South Wales, like the rest of the country, had sunk into recession. Big private developments, along with some  major capital works projects funded by the government, were a quick way of kickstarting the local economy. Neville Wran and the NSW Labor Party, including Richardson, were more than willing to listen to the developers’ lobbying…”


The Fixer p. 105

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