“Never seen a plan like it !” Brumby


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ABC Radio National PM’s Program Feb 2010 on the Windsor Hotel Email

EXCERPT FROM DOCUMENT: Windsor Advisory Committee report is expected to recommend that development go ahead. Strategy at this stage is to release it for public comment, as this affects the entire community, and then use those responses as reason to halt it, as we have listened to community views…  (Read More)


JOHN BRUMBY: I’ve never seen a plan like that before so I’ve been in state Parliament since 1993. I’ve been leader of the opposition, treasurer, premier. I’ve never seen a plan like that. I don’t get plans like that. 

I think, I can only repeat a plan like that is quite inappropriate. The language used in it was completely inappropriate. It’s the product of someone who is quite inexperienced and is not fitted to that role and that person has been removed from that position and will be reassigned… (Read More)

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