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News 20 March 2010

Rendering of new development (Twilight Emerald)



Protest Rally details are: Time: 1 pm, Thursday 25 March
Venue: Steps of Parliament, Spring Street

Victorians have been enraged and appalled by Planning Minister Madden’s decision to approve the redevelopment of the Windsor Hotel. The National Trust of Australia (Vic), Planning Backlash, and Protectors of Public Lands Victoria have joined forces to hold a protest rally. The community has not been given its chance to be properly heard – so come along and let the government know what you think. The Windsor is threatened with a 91m tower addition in a ‘return to facadism’. Development and heritage can and must live together however the parliamentary precinct deserves proper protection not discretionary height controls – we call on the government to work with City of Melbourne to deliver a proper structure plan for the precinct. Discretionary controls in the hand of the Minister are insufficient. Whilst the Windsor supposedly has the highest level of heritage protection available in the state, as the City celebrates its 175th birthday this year there are many significant places in the CBD, humble or grand from all eras, still lacking heritage controls– we call on the City of Melbourne to act now.


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