14 Labor MPs live up to 40kms from their electorates | Herald Sun


Premier John Brumby is among a growing number of MPs living outside their seats, with one former minister almost 40km from her constituents.

A Herald Sun analysis of where state MPs live shows Labor MPs dominate the politicians who don’t reside in their own electorates.

Former minister Candy Broad lives in the tourist town of Daylesford – almost 40km from the first main town in her Upper House district of Northern Victoria.

Transport Minister Martin Pakula lives in the upmarket bayside suburb of Black Rock – more than 20km from his western suburbs electorate office.

Finance Minister Tim Holding lives in East Melbourne – about 30km from his electorate of Lyndhurst.

Independent MP Craig Ingram lives in his eastern Victorian seat and says many voters expect MPs to know their area well.

“You leave yourself exposed if you are not actually living in your electorate,” he told the Herald Sun.

It is a common trend in long-term governments for MPs to gradually shift away from their electorates.

A further 11 Labor MPs live outside their electorates but are close to the boundaries, some having been redistributed out of their seats.

For this reason, the Herald Sun has not included these MPs among the 14 headline examples.

Only two Liberals are outside their seats – Kim Wells and David Hodgett – although they are short drives from their electorates.

Some Labor MPs have suppressed their addresses on the electoral rolls, making it impossible to scrutinise their principal place of residence.

Mr Brumby’s spokeswoman said he lived in Strathmore, about five minutes from his electorate of Broadmeadows and within the old boundary of the City of Broadmeadows .

Opposition scrutiny of government spokesman David Davis said the Government was out of touch. “John Brumby and his arrogant absentee ministers and MPs believe they are too good for their own constituents and refuse to live in their own electorates,” he said.

Mr Pakula said his residence did not stop him doing his job.

“I was honoured with the opportunity to represent the people of Western Metropolitan and since becoming a member for Parliament I have travelled right across the region from Werribee in the south to Mickleham in the north,” he said.

Mr Holding lived in his electorate for eight years until 2004

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Results: Where MPs live

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Should MPs be required to live in the electorates they represent?

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  • No7.85% (138 votes)

Total votes: 1761

Links: Victorian Parliament Hansard – Members of Parliament  Standards Bill Debate

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