Anti-corruption commission to be established in Victoria | Herald Sun

John Brumby

Premier John Brumby had previously rejected calls for the establishment of an independent anti-corruption commission. Picture: Rob Leeson Source: Herald Sun

UPDATE 3.15pm: AN anti-corruption commission will be established in Victoria under a major backflip by the Brumby Labor government.

Premier John Brumby announced a major overhaul of the state’s corruption bodies today, including the creation of a new Victorian Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (VIACC).

The new body will investigate allegations of serious misconduct and corruption in the public sector and local government.

It will be headed by a new public sector integrity commissioner as well as the director of police integrity and the chief municipal inspector.

The government will also establish a parliamentary integrity commissioner who will investigate complaints on the conduct of MPs and taxpayer-funded employees.

The overhaul is in response to a review by former senior public servant Elizabeth Proust, which found there were gaps in the current system.

Mr Brumby described the new oversight bodies as a “oad map to take our integrity reform agenda forward”.

Mr Brumby had previously been a hardline opponent of the establishment of  an independent anti-corruption commission, previously describing them as a “lawyers’ picnic”.

But in recent days he has admitted it may be time for a change in the way Victoria’s corruption fighting bodies work.

The Opposition had pledged to immediately establish an ICAC if they were elected.


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