Ted Baillieu sounds alarm over corruption-busters | Herald Sun

  • Ted Baillieu

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has concerns about the state’s new anti-corruption watchdog. Source: Herald Sun

TED Baillieu fears the state’s new anti-corruption watchdog may be muzzled.

The Opposition Leader is worried that corruption allegations that have arisen during the Government’s 11 years in power will be quarantined.

Victorians had a right to expect allegations of political corruption would be investigated, he said.

The State Government has not decided on retrospectivity, although Premier John Brumby has indicated they will be able to probe old allegations as well as new ones.

But he hasn’t said how far back in time the Victorian Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, and the other watchdogs he announced this week, will be able to go.

“Inevitably, there’s got to be some element of retrospectivity in any commission that looks at these things, because these things don’t happen in the future, they are based on events that have happened in the past,” Mr Brumby said.

“There will be debate about how far back you go. Do you go back 10 years, do you go back 15 years?

“Do you investigate things that occurred under our Government, under the Kennett government? All these things will be considered as we draft that legislation and introduce it.”

Mr Baillieu accused Mr Brumby of allowing corruption to fester in Victoria for years and said he was concerned anti-corruption agencies would not be given the power to investigate old corruption allegations, which were still relevant.

“Any new anti-corruption commission will have to be retrospective to investigate the vast array of corruption issues that have been neglected or covered up by John Brumby,” he said.

“Victorians would expect a corruption commission (to) consider issues (that) have never been satisfactorily investigated and which remain relevant.”


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