Situation normal, until the swill rises | The Age Letters

IT IS a waste of righteous indignation attacking Heritage Victoria for its lack of assiduity in protecting Melbourne’s architectural heritage (”Heritage Victoria under fire”, The Age, 14/6).

Politicians appoint the guardians of the built and natural environments. If the political priorities are development and growth, the guardians are not going to impede the achievement of the government’s objectives.

As we have seen consistently, if guardians forget who appointed them and begin to act as if they had an independent mandate to implement the publicly stated purpose of their role – when that conflicts with the government’s agenda – the law is changed, or the guardians are replaced.

Unfortunately, changing the government is unlikely to change the way ”democracy” works. Politicians act in the interests of those who exercise power within their political organisations and those whose mercantile activities accord with those interests.

Until there is sufficient public consensus and strength of feeling about some issue to cause an uprising, and it gets the media’s attention, ”the people” are simply unrepresented swill.

John Reid, East St Kilda


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