Tooronga Village objection – City of Boroondara

3 September 2010

Councillor Coral Ross


Councillor Coral Ross


City of Boroondara has lodged an objection with the Minister for Planning for Stage 2 of the Tooronga Village project.

The grounds of the objection include the increase in number of dwellings, the car parking layout and design not meeting relevant standards, and the low level of amenity due to the high number of bedrooms without a window.

The approved original plans showed 110 dwellings, including nine townhouses, and associated car parking. The revised planning application seeks 166 apartments with 199 resident car parking spaces (including residential visitor car parking spaces).

Gardiner Ward Councillor Coral Ross said, ‘This is now the second time the developer has applied to increase the number of apartments at Tooronga Village. Already the Minister has approved an extra 101 apartments in Stage 1, which is the two towers currently being built. It is really concerning that there are incremental increases in dwelling numbers without any proper assessment of the impact upon traffic, the provision of car parking, open space and the amenity offered to future occupants of the dwellings.’

The changes which are being made by the developer have not been notified to the surrounding community by the Minister for Planning who has taken responsibility for making planning decisions on this site away from Council.

‘Perhaps the most significant concern with the Tooronga Village redevelopment is that the community can have no confidence in the government’s planning processes. The form and scale of this project has changed significantly with an additional 157 units being added without any consultation by the government with the surrounding community who objected to the original plans. The community’s interests are being ignored for the sake of developer profits,’ said Councillor Ross.

Council sent letters to nearby residents informing them of the planning application and, seeking their comments. This is the only way residents can have a voice.

A decision has not as yet been made on the application, however if the Minister for Planning approves the development as proposed, this will mean an increase of 56 dwellings within Stage 2.


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