Tenders are corrupt if we are denied info | The Age 27-Nov’10

November 27, 2010


    Illustration: Ron Tandberg

    Illustration: Ron Tandberg

    WE VICTORIANS have suffered three weak ”executive” governments in a row, under Messrs Kennett, Bracks and Brumby. Each has repeatedly awarded contracts and refused to give us details of the successful tender, bleating that the information is ”commercial in confidence”.

    Nonsense. An application for a public tender should be ”commercial in confidence” to keep tenderers honest. But as soon as a contract is accepted by the government, the exact details of the successful tender should be made available to those who paid for it. Just as importantly, the information should be supplied to those who hope to make successful tenders in future, so they can improve and offer the state a better deal.

    When denied detailed information, citizens are entitled to assume that the tender process has been corrupted. I, for one, am tired of being dudded by our governments. Whoever wins the election, we should all insist on a change of direction.

    Graeme Campbell, Hawthorn


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