Media Release: Corruption Watchdog Will Cut its Teeth on Kew Development    
Release Date: 20110202

The Baillieu Government’s newly appointed Minister for the Establishment of an Anti-corruption Commission, Mr. Andrew McIntosh, told a Public Meeting held at the Kew Civic Centre last night that the controversial Kew Cottages housing estate development in Main Drive Kew would be one of the first matters to go before the Government’s new anti-corruption watchdog.

Brian Walsh, President of the Kew Cottages Coalition welcomed the Minister’s announcement. Mr. Walsh said that, “This is finally a breath of fresh air after years of bloody minded obstruction and cover up by the former Brumby Government.”

Southern Region MLC, Sue Pennicuick, the Mayor of Boroondara, Nicholas Tragas, and Boroondara Councillor Phillip Healey also addressed the meeting convened by the Kew Cottages Coalition.
Mr. Walsh said that  the Meeting welcomed the Baillieu Government’s election promise regarding the remaining 15 hectares of Public land surrounding Kew Cottages, and  called on the Premier of Victoria to:

  1. Scrap the Government’s Kew Cottages Redevelopment Contract with Walker Corporation. and
  2. Impose an immediate moratorium on further Public Land sales by the Victorian Government at Kew Cottages.
The Meeting called on the Baillieu Government to:

1. Implement all of the Public Land Development Inquiry Recommendations on Kew Cottages
2. Implement all of the Ombudsman Kew Cottages Inquiry Recommendations
3. Register all the remaining Kew Cottages Public Land on the proposed Baillieu Government’s new Register of Significant Public Land
4. Boost State Heritage Controls to address the significant regulatory failings identified by the Ombudsman’s Kew Cottages Inquiry
5. Refocus Government attention on upgrading services on the State Heritage site for the intellectually
disabled and the wider community.

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