Green wedges | The Age Letters

SHAME on those who want to take these areas, described as our ”city’s lungs”, away permanently from the majority only to fill the pockets of the greedy few.

Sean Kolednik, Box Hill South

IT IS a sad day for Melburnians when Lady Hamer finds the need to defend her late husband Dick Hamer’s vision for green wedges around our city (Letters, 5/8).

Elizabeth Meredith, Surrey Hills

THE gifting, in the late 1990s, of the eastern Strzelecki’s mountain ash forest and cool temperate rainforest to a US insurance and logging conglomerate is one of the more moronic and naive political acts seen in this state. The destruction of Melbourne’s green wedges will be seen in the same light by future generations, who will surely wonder at our folly.

Nick Mitchell, Boolarong


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