Another election promise crumbles | The Age Letters 20120314

Another election promise crumbles

AT A meeting last month, Andrew McIntosh, minister for the anti-corruption commission, made it clear that, regardless of what he had said in opposition about the need for the Kew Cottages development to be investigated, the matter would be out of his hands and in the hands of the anti-corruption commission.

Yet, as the responsible minister, he has shackled the commission with legislation designed to disable any investigation. He has stated it would require proof of an indictable offence to refer the matter to the commission and this would have to be based on facts, not ”opinion”. But isn’t that the purpose of a commission? To find proof that can go to the police?

Given the secrecy surrounding the Kew Cottages development, how can such proof be documented without the powers of a commission?

Few, if any, of the projects that the Liberals have complained so vociferously about in opposition will now be investigated. This is hypocrisy, plain and simple; yet another election promise that has quickly crumbled under internal pressures.

Andrew Kelly, Kew

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