Wednesday April 17, 2002

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Time-wasting and inaction by the Bracks Government has halted the re-development of the Kew Cottages, Member for Kew, Andrew McIntosh has said.

In May last year, the former Minister for Community Services, Christine Campbell, announced the redevelopment of Kew Residential Services, formerly known as the Kew Cottages.

Almost a year later, the new Minister, Bronwyn Pike, has made the same announcement.

Shadow Minister for Community Services, Lorraine Elliott, said everybody directly connected with Kew, and those concerned for the future of people with an intellectual disability, are entitled to ask what progress has been made in the past 11 months.

“The climate of uncertainty facing residents and their families has been prolonged unnecessarily by this Government,” said Ms Elliott.

Mr McIntosh said while he supports the proposal, he is concerned the Government appears to have made no substantial progress.

“The practice of merely re-announcing a decision made almost 12 months ago does little to instil confidence in the ability of the Bracks Government to deliver on this project.

“The public consultation process as part of the re-development offers an opportunity for the local community to have their say, and I am eager to see issues of local infrastructure and public open space addressed.

“In spite of the Government’s lagging interest in this project, I will continue to take an active role in the public consultation process and I would encourage local residents to have their say in the re-development of this site.

Media enquiries: Andrew McIntosh: 9625 1438

Lorraine Elliott: 9625 1413

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