Victorian Government Anti-Corruption Minister refuses to disclose potential financial losses at Kew Cottages


  Kew Cottages Coalition Media Release 

Release Date: 20130213

Victorian Government Anti-Corruption Minister refuses to disclose potential financial losses at Kew Cottages

There was a lot of frustration expressed at the Kew Cottages 10th Annual Public Meeting held at the Kew Civic Centre last night.

The Convener of the Meeting, Kew Cottages Coalition, President, Brian Walsh, said that the Keynote Speaker, Andrew McIntosh, MP stonewalled all questions about the Baillieu Government's potential financial losses from the Kew Cottages Main Drive Housing Estate Development.

 "This is the largest sale of Public Land in Mr. McIntosh's electorate, Mr. Walsh said, and the land sale is supposed to be helping fund services for intellectually disabled Victorians."

Mr. Walsh said that while in opposition, and  as the elected Member for Kew since 1999, Mr. McIntosh closely examined, and raised in Parliament the question of a $17 million loss sustained by the Brumby Government's sale of Public Land in the first stage of the Kew Cottages development.

"Yet, since the Baillieu Government came to power in 2010, Mr. McIntosh,  appears to be no longer able to disclose any up to date financial information about the Kew Cottages Development," Mr. Walsh said.

Three motions were passed:



We call on the Baillieu Government to declare the profit or loss to the State of Victoria associated with the current KRS development as of February 2013 and the projected profit/loss at its completion.

2.       We call on the Baillieu Government to support a community submission to IBAC regarding potential corruption issues related to the KRS development.

3.       This meeting supports the Kew Cottages Coalition to make a submission to IBAC investigating possible corruption associated with the KRS development.

The meeting also learnt that the Minister for Heath, David Davis, has still not responded to a Question on Notice in Parliament from local Greens MLC, Sue Pennicuik, questioning why DHS had failed to report to Parliament on the financial return from the Kew Cottage Development.

In a prepared statement Ms. Pennicuik said:

"On 13 December last year, I asked the Minister for Health a question on
notice (30 days to respond) why DHS has not reported on the financial
return to the state government from the KRS project in its annual report as
recommended by the Ombudsman. After all, this was the original reason the
public was given for the sale of the public land. It appears from the Major
Projects annual report that there has been a loss of at least $38 million a
a result of decreased sales relating to the KRS land development. The
Minister has not responded."

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