“Beware Developers Bearing Gifts” – Part 3

 Kew Cottages Coalition

Appendix A Attachments.




Additional images supplied by KCC


  • A1. Wills Street Public Footpath Entrance to Yarra Bend Park, Willsmere, and Kew Cottages.
  • A2 Between the Towers and ‘Round the Bend’ ? – Google Earth Aerial View of City View Apartments impact on Yarra Bend views of Willsmere
  • A3. Between the Towers. – Google Earth Viewlines showing how City View Apartments will sometimes appear to be towering over Willsmere.
  • A4. Main Drive Madness ? – Aerial view of how the City View Apartments will overwhelm the integrity of the Main Drive landscape.

Date Images prepared: May 2015


City View Apartments

  • Ground Floor elevation 64.1m
  • Roofline elevation 80m AHD


Stage 8 Heritage Permit Application P22396 for 26 City View Apartments (5 storeys)

Applicant’s Plans and HIS Oct 2014. p.11 – See Our Ref: Link HC08)

Google Earth Locations shown:

Google Street View

KCC_Stage8_Appendix A_Attachments.pdf

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