STOP PRESS: Kew Cottages Public Meeting: 7pm Wed 26th Feb 2020 – Important Information Update – All Welcome.


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Vale Max Jackson, Former CEO of Kew Cottages

201703019_maxjcottages_theagePhoto: Max Jackson , The Melbourne Age, Mar 2017

Sad news from Kew Cottages Coalition

Max Jackson, Former CEO of Kew Cottages, and a founding member of the KCC has died of cancer at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne.

“Max was a lovely guy and terrific advocate for the intellectually disabled. Max was a fantastic supporter of the KCC and all that we are fighting for,”  said Brian Walsh, President, Kew Cottages Coalition.

“Max never complained about his illness. He was always there when others needed help. The Kew Cottages Coalition will forever be in his debt,” Brian said.

When The Sunday Age ran its  front page story , “Where’s the Money from Kew Cottages” in March 2017, Max was there among the dilapidated heritage buildings to tell The Age and Victorian taxpayers how they had all been dudded by successive governments.

Max explained that, “The Kew project was supposed to be the revitalisation of disability services.”

“However, standing on the periphery of the redevelopment it appears that transparency has been the loser, and Walker the big winner.”

“This government has an opportunity to rectify a lack of transparency by successive governments and ministers,” Max  said.

He called on the Andrews government to “come clean”.

The Sunday Age Editorial said Max was right on the money..

” ….If the government truly wishes to learn from the experience of the development at Kew Cottages, an independent inquiry should be established into the outcome. At the very least, the auditor-general should be asked to examine the circumstances surrounding the deal.”

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30 April 2019 – Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, says proposed apartments completion due by 31 Dec 2020

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Walkers gets a warning for breaching the Heritage Act yet again…

20190225Gmail_HV2KCC_Response_to unauthorised_works_at_Kew_Cottages

20190225Gmail_HV2KCC_Response_to unauthorised_works_at_Kew_Cottages

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STOP PRESS: Kew Cottages Public Meeting: 7pm Tues 26th Feb 2019 – Important Information Update – All Welcome.


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Parks under pressure.

Kew Cottages Coalition Media Release
Release Date: 26 April 2018
Renewed threat to Kew Cottages Parkland

Heritage Victoria’s second formal Permit refusal to allow a developer’s plans to build within the tree lined avenue approach to the former Willsmere Hospital is set to be reviewed by Heritage Council Victoria. (See Herald Sun / Progress Leader 31 Oct 2017)

Sydney billionaire developer, Lang Walker, has lodged an appeal against Heritage Victoria’s insistence that the whole of the avenue approach to Willsmere must be properly restored as parkland.

Brian Walsh, President, Kew Cottages Coalition, said today that, “Walker Corporation now appears to have spent over a decade trying to find ways to legally encroach upon this fabulous piece of public parkland.”

This is the Sydney developer’s fourth attempt to overcome the long standing Heritage permit conditions imposed on the Main Drive Kew housing estate development.

“It’s now gone beyond a joke”, Mr. Walsh, said. “Nothing surprises me any more.

“It appears to me that if developers have enough money, and access to Government bodies then they can go on appealing against the umpire for ever !

“One problem appears to be that although all of the land in question is still public land Walker has been permitted to use a temporary site office on part of it.

“Now Walker appear to be acting as though that temporary site office gives them ‘squatters rights’ !

” This is very strange, because I understand both the developer and the Government gave an undertaking to Heritage Victoria over a decade ago that they would remove the site office, and fully restore the parkland by 2012.

” Perhaps Walker are hoping that the Andrews Government has quietly forgotten all about that promise made to the people of Victoria way back in 2005 ?” Mr. Walsh said.
“This application is also frustrating because it directly stops the creation of the new Kew Arboretum that has been proposed by the Kew Cottages Coalition and mirrors the initial vision of Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller who designed this area (and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria).”

The Heritage Council will hold a Public Hearing commencing on the 18th June 2018 to review Heritage Victoria’s rejection of Walker’s application to build private apartments on the parkland.

For more information:
Brian Walsh
Kew Cottages Coalition
M. 0414 979 300

Heritage Council of Victoria
T. 03 9651 5061

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Fraud and Corruption Control


The Victorian Auditor General, Andrew Greaves,  has reported to Parliament on

Fraud and Corruption Control

The Report includes  recommendations following his assessment of Major Projects Victoria (MPV)

The Auditor General says that:

“… MMRA and MPV were included in this audit because their work involves high-risk factors for fraud and corruption, including:

• high levels of procurement
• use of contractors
• partnerships with the private sector.”


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